Activities close to the residence

canoe dordogne la roque gageac 3

Canoeing (50 meters/165 ft)

"Canoë Détente" located next to the Residence offers relaxing canoe rides along the Dordogne River (full day or half day). During your trip down the river you will pass by some of the most famous sights the area has to offer, immersing yourself in history and nature. 



Duck Farm Gift Shop

ANear the residence is a traditional family owned duck farm. During feeding periods visits of the farm can be organized should you be interested in seeing how the ducks are cared for.
In the gift shop you will find some delicious traditional foie gras and other specialties all hand-made with care on site using family recipes and techniques passed down through the generations



Accro Branche (100 m/328 ft)

This park specializes in tree climbing adventures for adults and children alike. They also have some easier courses for the little ones and some of their routes pass above the river.




Farmhouse Restaurant - La Ferme du Port d'Enveaux




Fly-fishing in the Dordogne River

Grab your fishing line and head for the Dordogne right in front of the Residence as you are allowed to fish right there. Fishing is very common in the Dordogne river where you can find numerous white freshwater fish (roach, bleak, chub, bream) and popular carnivorous fish (pike, perch, trout, pike perch, catfish).